Saturday, March 11, 2023

72hr Prepping Barrel for 2?

So today back with another one but this time it's not a 72 hour bag for one 72-hour Barrel for two this Barrel is designed for two people contained obviously other thing so okay Gorilla tape and things like that you know extra you know like. Surgical masks or things like things like these extra things that you would need in a survival barrel and I suppose the barrel proportion of it let's talk about that first and what that means okay so essentially it is good you're going. To be karting somewhere right you're not going to be taking them you know like a rucksack on your bag because I've done a review on the 72 hour survival bag for warm because mostly for one person possibly to so this was definitely for two.

For Two Right it's !

For two right it's a barrel now the thing I've got to say about a barrel for anything else that because it's a barrel they are going to be difficult to transport is going to be a challenge to transport so you've got to ha. Some type of vehicle or on a boat or something like that I'm assuming it's somewhat waterproof the barrel so the food doesn't get wet in wet conditions it's meant to last for 72 hours which is three days so for three d. Day so that's a decent amount of time is really for prepping it's the minimum amount of time that I look at being prepared what gets you through half a week at least right the reason you've got to know what gets you through half a da.

Is about half a day sorry half a week if you are prepping lines is you got to know  You'll Never Walk planning for so for example if you're planning an outdoor trip or if you're planning something of a track or Mountain climb something like that but hopefully not but if you're prepping for this happening at home right to know so I would say that's a good thing to have this in the back because it could essentially help yourself things out now. It's got two Bath Wipes as well very important to 500 mL about two survival bags you know it's got the seven oceans Waters and seven oceans meals things like that it's also got lentil gum we're gonna go to a rodeo it's got a wind-up.

Radio very important it's got two head torches so essentially it's a double up most for the most part of the 72 hour rucksack survival rucksack right[ that's what it seems to be so I would say foreign carriageway with. This Barrel because obviously it's twice as heavy twice as heavy means it needs to have twice as many precautions in terms of carriage way so you know in terms of that that's the only thing I'm thinking about I keep thinking about carriage. Double the weight and it's a barrel it's not a rucksack so I mean personally I'm not really liking the product but I mean if you're going on a boat trip I can see a barrel being very very crucial on a boat trip or maybe a long drive i.

Into The Mountains ?

Into the mountains or somewhere like that where you've got invest in the boot for four or survival Barrel something like that oh you know you can just pop summer in your Cellar or someone like that you know just pop the barrel away. And that's it you can leave it I'm presuming it has you know you'd have to check the best before dates on all of the food items I'm presuming it has you know like a few months some of the things that you know storage way for those  great days so to speak so what I suggested do you do diligence look into things it's got two packs of tissues two sets of matches one survival tin or notepad gloves full blankets two four of them two sleeping bags two-time raw me.

You know it's quite it's quite densely uh packed there's a watered offers it's got a gas stove with a gas bottle it's got two anodized pans one range of 10. So very versatile actually this Barrel is now I'm just thinking you've got back. Basically I'm not concerned about the being a barrel anymore because you've got an entire tent in there so in that case and say it's pretty very you know pretty well equipped you're very well equipped with it right that's what I would. Says thank you I would say I changed my mind in fact on our prepping Barrel because very well equipped very well engineered for what needs to be done make sure you like share subscribe.


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