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Convar 7 Peanut Energy Bar Prepping 475kcal

Thank you so I want to talk about theconvar7. Peanut energy barwhen you're preppingif you've got a decent amount of time to plan out your prepandsome people because some people think that you know prepping is can be boring or you know. Tasteless or not tested good or you know that's why you have to vary out your selection of itemsso how you do that is obviously by picking up different flavors different tastes different recipes of things and you know before I was t. About the seven options biscuits that give you two and a half thousand caloriesbut thenthere's also theConverse seven peanut bar which gives youumalmost 500 caloriesfor like 150 under two dollars sothe thing isThis Barif you've just.

Just Got This Bar !

Just got this bar and the biscuits right this bar could be like breakfast and the biscuits could be like lunch or dinnerif you're in that situationnow the thing about this is that it's very cheap for 500 calories but I think it's 47. Something calories in in the 475 calories but that is a very cheapbar nutritionally it's quite packed calorie density is really good you know it's only only a small bar and you can get them in a bulk load as well so you could get li. Like 100 or 110 bars something like that obviously the price will be factored a bit cheaper you're buying in bulk butthe convenience of this type of bar is that impacts high protein and it's got a 20-year shelf lifeso you can store.

20 yearsI really like stuff like that with the long shelf life because for prepping you need to have the longest possible shelf life that you can get right it doesn't matter if you if you end up you know eating this like a year or t. Two later it's fine but it's there for up to 20 yearsand that's why you really need to be lookingthat's what makes the difference between long-term prepping and short-term prepping short-term prepping you know you might be planning. For something next month something next week somethingby the end of the year something next year you know depends on what you're planning for but with long-term prepping applying for years ahead you don't know what could what could.

Happen what situation you could be inthat's how you want prep top or something along like 20 years20 years is good upon var7so for suitable for vegetarianswhy is it important to vary your diet in prepping wellyou eat a lot of the sa. Thing over and over again you tend to get a bit more it has an effect on yourfeeling of happiness and fulfillment things like that let me wrong if you've got to do itdo it but if you can't or if you don't need to then you should try. Very your intake as much as possible just to stay you knowI'll keep the test buds active is what I say and I would try and do that as well if I could try and Vary it as much as possible so that the prepping menu stays uh exciting an.

Beef & Potatoes Fyp Freeze Dried Food Tin 5 year Shelf Life?

So in this one I want to talk to you about five year freeze dried beef and potato stew so in this stew that is basically tell right right now I've started to discuss individual items for prepping because I went through a few few packs the videos. Have to be like longer I think I just think those videos are a bit over for those articles are a bit overloaded with information overload right so I'm trying to look at or look for like things that pack a lot of calories they're g. Gonna have the right type of color and density okay otherwise the information gets a bit confusing you know there's too much there's there's too much of the same unless I find something you you know different recipes or start trying re.

Recipes Out On Stuff !

Recipes out on stuff lots of different things but until then so what I'm gonna do you start going through items with the food items anyway so what I would say[Applause] is they would have to be high calorie decent price easy to prepare a. You know what I've actually seen so he no no like fire required prepping items I saw them from years ago I don't know if they still have that around in the perfect quiet sashes that you can just use the food which which is cool right. So essentially you don't need to start a fire okay so beef and potato stew right what's the importance of that in my view and I know that this contains six servings right right approximately about 530 calories per serving you eatth.

Eat the whole thing you've got your 2700 ish calories don't right so essentially they're supposed to be meals but if you eat all of them like I probably would what's the importance about beef and potatoes well they are first of all he. Beef I mean I've got to check on the potatoes but beef it's definitely calorie dense when you look at the different types of meats generally I'm talking about different types of meats that are readily available in the UK potential. The UK potentially the US and you know some parts of the West um and other parts of the world as well because it's not available protein with the meat and I think this is also has a reasonable shelf life all right we got wat.

To it again it's freeze dried so calories are really tightly packed you're not going to get much in terms of you're gonna need to add water to it right hydrate the food yeah that's all you have to do you have to hydrate the food the be. Best way to do it but I'd suggest taking the food out making sure you've got enough time I think this needs to be more timed to be honest that's what stews are about right and it comes in a tin it takes about it's got an anti-seal bu. Again it's got my favorite yearly time frame 25 years this can be freeze right up to okay freeze dried for 20. 55 years right lasts a long time are they asked to be noted because you drive for 25 years that does take its uh you know it.

Means It's A Good ?

Means it's a good balance male choice that you can store away with the other 25-year stuff right and whatever you need it during that 25 years this is what it's about sometimes my mind tends to go towards okay and what if I need to ea. This next week or I want to eat this next week you know things like that I don't want to be thinking like that I don't I don't I would be thinking okay what if I need to eat this Within the next5 10 15 2020 that's what I want to be. Thinking but that's what I mean so with this product B for potato stew I think it's an excellent product is he's got that you know like that because I I had visual potential got that formally cooked feel to it you know you feel.

Like full with a hit on time for for the meat eaters out there right you feel full eating beef in terms of prepping I think what I think right because I've seen a lot of chicken I've seen a lot of tuna where's the beef here's the bee. Right beef or potatoes a lot your beef or potatoes together all in order right right and now you uh thinking about what else can be added to you know what different choices there are to add different tests to your prepping supp. Okay so this will definitely add a different taste 10 and it's 25 years if you enjoyed this video like share subscribe comment see you in the next one.

2500kcal biscuits 5 year shelf life?

A simpler thing to think about when it comes to prepping single food item that you know it's easier to digest because I'm always reading through a lot of details I find when I'm going through like the packs the propane parksjust. Seemed to end up taking more time in terms of  I feel like I'm compressing a lot of detail into a very small amount of time so I would possibly want to takea different route I think  going through obviou. In the three day and 50 days and all that it's great but I want to like start discussing the individual items wellthese items think what there is potential inhavinga more detailed look and what they possibly areand I thinkthethere w.

Will Be Champsdifferent !

Will be Champsdifferent items through different coming articles videos four hijacklist. Net now i would say thatbiscuits were used in times of hunger farming more recently I'm saying biscuitsto store calories basically you know. Like I remember learning about the 100 calorie biscuitsalthough it used during testing timesandthat's why I wanted to discuss when I'm going to start going through an individual prepping items biscuits you gotta let's get good with. Teagood anywhere right so when someone tells me over there that they are fillingtwo and a half thousand calories into 500 grams of biscuits I am definitely going to pay attention right because that is a very decent proportion litera.

Very very dense calorie dense and I think that's important because the ground weight of the item is very lowthe calorie density of the item500 grams two and a half thousand caloriesI don't know many I don't think there's any other b. Other biscuits where you can get myself the good thing about it isis that they're not that expensive to buy again look this is not your over this is like an emergency biscuit okay the seven oceans emergency prepping biscuits right t. What they're about ahand I think that's important becauseyou have to know exactly what you're getting in terms ofavailabilitythey've got a five-year shelf life now with a five-year shelf life that means thatyou know you've got enoug.

Enough time to potentiallysee outhow many calories there are so you know and you can store them and they're biscuits and you know they airtight sealed so they're not going to Decay fast five-year shelf life pack a lot of calories co. In at like seven six seven pounds seven eight dollars six seven dollars they're excellent right and for those of you who are interested they're also halalso I hope you enjoyed that video make sure you like share subscribe I'll show. I shall see you.

72hr Prepping Barrel for 2?

So today back with another one but this time it's not a 72 hour bag for one 72-hour Barrel for two this Barrel is designed for two people contained obviously other thing so okay Gorilla tape and things like that you know extra you know like. Surgical masks or things like things like these extra things that you would need in a survival barrel and I suppose the barrel proportion of it let's talk about that first and what that means okay so essentially it is good you're going. To be karting somewhere right you're not going to be taking them you know like a rucksack on your bag because I've done a review on the 72 hour survival bag for warm because mostly for one person possibly to so this was definitely for two.

For Two Right it's !

For two right it's a barrel now the thing I've got to say about a barrel for anything else that because it's a barrel they are going to be difficult to transport is going to be a challenge to transport so you've got to ha. Some type of vehicle or on a boat or something like that I'm assuming it's somewhat waterproof the barrel so the food doesn't get wet in wet conditions it's meant to last for 72 hours which is three days so for three d. Day so that's a decent amount of time is really for prepping it's the minimum amount of time that I look at being prepared what gets you through half a week at least right the reason you've got to know what gets you through half a da.

Is about half a day sorry half a week if you are prepping lines is you got to know  You'll Never Walk planning for so for example if you're planning an outdoor trip or if you're planning something of a track or Mountain climb something like that but hopefully not but if you're prepping for this happening at home right to know so I would say that's a good thing to have this in the back because it could essentially help yourself things out now. It's got two Bath Wipes as well very important to 500 mL about two survival bags you know it's got the seven oceans Waters and seven oceans meals things like that it's also got lentil gum we're gonna go to a rodeo it's got a wind-up.

Radio very important it's got two head torches so essentially it's a double up most for the most part of the 72 hour rucksack survival rucksack right[ that's what it seems to be so I would say foreign carriageway with. This Barrel because obviously it's twice as heavy twice as heavy means it needs to have twice as many precautions in terms of carriage way so you know in terms of that that's the only thing I'm thinking about I keep thinking about carriage. Double the weight and it's a barrel it's not a rucksack so I mean personally I'm not really liking the product but I mean if you're going on a boat trip I can see a barrel being very very crucial on a boat trip or maybe a long drive i.

Into The Mountains ?

Into the mountains or somewhere like that where you've got invest in the boot for four or survival Barrel something like that oh you know you can just pop summer in your Cellar or someone like that you know just pop the barrel away. And that's it you can leave it I'm presuming it has you know you'd have to check the best before dates on all of the food items I'm presuming it has you know like a few months some of the things that you know storage way for those  great days so to speak so what I suggested do you do diligence look into things it's got two packs of tissues two sets of matches one survival tin or notepad gloves full blankets two four of them two sleeping bags two-time raw me.

You know it's quite it's quite densely uh packed there's a watered offers it's got a gas stove with a gas bottle it's got two anodized pans one range of 10. So very versatile actually this Barrel is now I'm just thinking you've got back. Basically I'm not concerned about the being a barrel anymore because you've got an entire tent in there so in that case and say it's pretty very you know pretty well equipped you're very well equipped with it right that's what I would. Says thank you I would say I changed my mind in fact on our prepping Barrel because very well equipped very well engineered for what needs to be done make sure you like share subscribe.


Emergency Food Supply Readywise Grab Bag

So this is today about the emergency food supply ready wise grab bag right tongue twister if you say it's your crust but you know that's just the case now this is a food grab bag and the reason they call it grab bag is because it is to me. Grab the bagged and has an assortment of rations within itas well as having different types of meals as well it's not just one type of meal that I saw in here you know a heart three pouches of brown sugar maple syrup Multi Grain it's g. Quite a lot of things you know quite a number of things you know  Palsmulti-grain cereal 12 servings two pouches of crunchy granola and that's basically eight servings of two pouches of cheesy macaroni it's got eight total servings inside.

In Those Two Pouches !

In those two pouches and after that there's also two pouches of creamy pasta and vegetables eight total servings two patches of gluten-free potatoes chicken and fluid hot pie a total servings two pouches of savory driving off eight total. Servings right so that was a bit of a mouthful of food to be honest and it looks like I'm not sure how long this is supposed to last year but the main thing I was looking at seeing is eight pounds big right and she makes it four or five Kilos now four or five kilos yeah quite a decent amount of food you know it's Gonna Last you a while but the main feature that this bag has obviously most of the contents are dry dried Goods right dollars the wings the macaroni cheeses.

Things like that add water to them but the main thing inside this bag was for 25 year shelf life you could buy this for 150 pounds 150 dollars and you could store it 25 years that's the kind of storage I was looking for that's interest. [Music] that's what you call proper prepping you know proper prepping is where you could store itso I would say it's a reasonable price it looks like it's gonna last about a few days maybe a week if you're rushing a lot certainly seems. Like it's a week's worth of supplies uh two or three meals a dayum so I think it sounds like it's a week's worth soin that sense [Music] I think it's quite reasonably pricedwell for how I think you know look right you're looking at.

At the food and you know I'm tempted to think about it as like a restaurant or a takeaway menu but it's not a restaurant equipment you were talking about you know it's not even a home-cooked meal we're talking about here we're talki. About prep and food this is like if you're in a serious situationand you're prepared for that you're prepared for that already right so I'm not saying any situations I'm just saying your professional already you've got this you know. You can go to it even a few years down the line even 10 years down the line what looks at the shelf life 25 years later um yeah you've got it thereso that's what this is about having it there sureyou're prepped up for everything for.

24hr British Army Style Ration Pack MRE ?

In this one I want to go throughthis 24 hour Russianit seems as though um I don't know how the the seller of this has got a hold of this Russian pack um but I think it's styled I don't think it's original I think it's style. To be like an army survival pack for like 24 hoursumand I mean if you're in a situation where you've got to survivethis is this is the one for you right but if you're not in that situation hopefully then you don't need to worry abou. Thiswhat I would say isthis packone of the cheaper ones I think it's really range for about 18 pounds something like thatumit is quite versatile in terms of the offering and again it's a food survival there's not really any tools in.

The Spark Or Anything !

The spark or anything like that it's purely full survival for 24 hours so we're gonna go through what it firstleave me a comments 24 hours rightmaybe you've already got some supplies or some prepping before foreignjust toyou know en. That youhave everything that you needin terms offood for that amount of timeit's really it's not really you know not a home maybe maybe you could actually have it in the bag for a long-haul you know what I would use this for again l. Leave me a comments because to my mind the only thing that I come in coming into my mind usage for this at the moment is either like a 24-hour camping trip or something like that or a you know a test testI'll probably buy you know s.

Something like thispersonally to do a test test because I don't think it's really prepping to me uh to me personally has to be you know for a few days or weeks at leastbut you know this type of pack would just be like a top up to be. Honest if I if I if I made something like this or if I bought something like this it just top up an existing Supply or something like thatit wouldn't be forhaving theextent ofI think I'm thinking long term but then to be honest and. I wouldn't buy them one at a time I do I'd go for a bunch of like 30 or something like that or 15 packs of 15 sets of [Music] so that's why I would use it for again if you're into prepping comment below tell me about using all right.

[Music]but what it includes is got one chicken tuna and rice[Music] it's got a one cooked pasta it's got one hot sauceand again look these are these obviouslythere's there's something on this stuff as well right best before this oka. So this food you know I know there's a prepping sitehijackbiz. Netthe prepping site along buttheythey don't have very long so you know first before days I don't know if they've been in storage for a long time or something um I know t. Generally tuna can last longer chickengenerally rightbut it's also got tea bags okay pack maple syrup mixed nuts hot chocolate Ginger biscuitstwo lime isotonics and two grape isotonics right and it's got obviously fork and knife car.

Care Wipes And Stuff ?

Care wipes and stuff like that out there too so basically is your food ration for the dayinteresting to cover this before I would not normally buy it myselfI would get a larger packthat a larger pack would lovemore items and would l. For a longer period of timecertainly sales advertising and it definitely will get you through a day and it looks like it's about over 2 000 calories again I don't know exact weightsbut I'm presuming obviously there's a few good meal. In there for a dayI usually these things are measured outto provide optimal calories [Music] so that being saidI think the pack itself is good I don't know I'm just thinkingabout all of these sets like I won't[Music] 20 of these for.

For example or 10 of these people want their kids I wouldn't just go for like oneso[Music]that's that I would suggest you do your own due diligence I'll just look you through this and looking through some prepping stuff and I found. And I was like okay I just want to look at what this is because it's supposed to mimic the military stylemealthat's exactly it's only for 25. So that's the thing that I'm not really liking let me know what you think make sure you li. Like share subscribe comment down below let me know your thoughts I'll see.

72 Hour Prepped Go bag prepping?

So in this one I wanted to cover uh something that is more noise or Outdoors for a few days off power out for a few days you know like um style of prepping and it is the 72 hour bug out Preppers go back right but this bag meant to be. A short term prep okay it's not meant to be a long-term prep it's meant to be just a short-term prep so when it comes to prepping you know it's all about how long the prepping is for what's going on with the prepping what it means. And how long you will have to essentially see that fall so this is for three days 72 hours right so it's meant to get you one person a one-person program potentially two just appears the viable comfortably one person through a survive.

Situational Right and !

Situational  right and it's filled with many different things they help you survive through many of those are it's got it's a tough military pack I've got a small first aid kit it's got mini towel a water filter two sets of seven oceans. Biscuit rations two sets of sodium ocean water rations Oasis water RCB orange heavy grain survival pack filled with quite a few things right including food and water essential stuff that you need to survive so where would you need it w. Well you could have it [Music] it's designed obviously for outdoors and camping tracking things like that but you could you could be that would have to depend on any situation as well as what is he it is for you to obtain and things like this.

That so that's something you'd have to get yourself but it also comes with the survival kit for essential climate doing one light stick in terms of survival as well  there's also foreign fabric tape which is obviously fabric tape is made or. Or is very useful if you've got a got a stitch up a tone piece of fabric Outdoors that can happen slowly also got the LED head torch and through those RCB store set and fuel and wind-up radio Okay so I'm gonna talk about the last thre. A bit because the stove and I'm also going to discuss how this thing can be used at home as well as out it's for outing you home too because I'm also gonna discuss how I mean okay so let's say here are those you know okay you're go.

Gonna need something to cook on so you can have hot food and things like that [Music] but what about if you're at home you ask any store could actually help you at home alone if you've got like a garden or a hot dog I would recommen. Cooking inside unless you've got a big space or you've got maybe somewhere you know you could get a lot of fresh air outbecause mainly these things are designed for outdoors so I'm not going to recommend alternative usage for them y. You have to do it you have to do itI want to recommend itso obviously it's quite a crucial thing right to have waffle because it helps you to warm up [Music] umstay onon track with with things like thatthe other thing isthe LED head.

Torch Now If You'Ve ?

Torch now if you've got a torch on your headuseful because you could be looking for something you could be doing something else with your hands and you know that's what the torch be pretty helpful forbecause then we could remain foc. On the testingwill not have to worry aboutum havingto hold the torch in your hand I love doing something else you know I need to you knowthat's the torch lastly was windup radio not trying to wind you up here but you don't know powe. Power you want to keep your own self entertained for a bit maybe you want to stay up to date with the with the weather with the news right maybe you know got a good phone signal yeah and you can hear the weatheron the radio that wou.

Be excellentbecause if you don't haveyou know working reception thenthe wind of radio that requires no power other than a manual effortit was excellent actuallyso it's an actual excellent um added thing especially to focus on the we. Weather patterns and updates maybe you're driving out or you're hiking somewhere and you need to learn well you know you need to know what's going on within using the local area something like that you can catch a local radio statio. And all things like that or you know communicate with someone if you have to if you gotta wind up radio communicator you can use it for thatso yeah overall the price on this is the 72 hour back 162 poundsfor the 72-hour prepping surplus.

18 in 1 toolkit Prepping Preparedness Outdoors and Home?

So today I want to go through um actual special toolkit that was made foroutdoor survival mostly now with outdoor survivalyou've got to think about the different types of tools that you would need whenwe are in a camping style situation. But also this kit was interesting because it might be good to have it just around at home it's got quite a few Tools in there it's quite versatile it's an 18 in one kit it's got like a mini wood chopping ax and it's got aleaves or f. Fruits or food [Music] um and it's got a spoon and fork two in one as well as a bottle opener cable a parachute cable as well it's got a multi-purpose type of Allen key to open different things um all in all the kit is is very versa.

Right It'S Got Quite !

Right it's got quite a lot um going on with this 18 piece set now what you might want to use it for at home and why I'm not talking about Outdoors here is primarily because hijack this is not any outdoor camping website it's mostly. A prepping I'm sorry so I want to talk about things that are related to from prepping so when we come to deal with things of prepping natureI have to discovermany different types of you might be that hole that I may not realize or e. Even cover right right that you use in your daily and that I might not think of rightsowhat you would have to do in is assess to go through and assess what it is that you need for your situation what would be most crucial for youbut.

In terms of what this has got a torch inside it a flashlight goes in the dark need flashlights rightI need umall right if you need things like flashlights and things like that able to see you don't even want some what's going onwhat. Happeningyou know you might need to be in a you might think oh that's I don't know I don't wanna you know being around Knox to be honest with you I think the same don't worry we are on relax butthere might be a situation where you n. Need to chop some woodso yeah I've not done too much wood chopping in my time I have done something but you know you might need to chop some wood and if there's no power you can't charge your batteries then [Music] you have to do it.

Manually I'm not saying anything's going to happen I'm just saying you know situations different parts there's loads of different scenarios loads of different people around the world anyone copyrightumthe hope is normal butI said I. Thought I'd be thinking aboutthat's that also you know there's things you know inside this kit that can help you with your daily life for example knife you can use it as a kitchen knife chop your chop here some food good good items. You know poultry with it do however you think let me use the daily stuff as wellthere's also like a bottle opener in there in case you need to open some bottles or you need tobe cat 's got it all in thereand I would say time to have.

A Kit Like This Aboutand ?

A kit like this aboutand not have to worry aboutnot having these things about nowsome of these things you might look at them and to be honest with you think like I was just thinking now I'm not gonna need that but I'm not going to n. That you might think that now but you know you know kids had a lot of research put into it into what is essential right essential items that you would need in more situations that's what the Kit's about okay so some of them yeah gra. You might not need them let's have a rundownof what's actually in there rightso what's actually in thereisa lensstorage [Music]fill it real so you can you know obviously fill up things a blow tubeaflashlightit's also a foldable knif.

Knife a fork a spoon as a multi-function axit's a hammer and an ax actually and it seems to have some kind of pull action that can be quite assisting which is good there's a wristbandcolor carabiners or whistle adhesive bandage fbt. Bandage fishing bag emergency blanket very important there's a parachute code I was talking about there's a wrench in there very useful and it's very like conveniently shaped as well to be honestthere's a wire saw again a wire saw v. Useful and very light as well it's quite good I guess you want to cut something that's likecut with a wire saw and a bottle shackle see what else there isa fishing bagthe Flint rod is useful for starting firesso if you're in a situa.

Where you've got to start a firethat's what the Flint Rod is good for I'll be helpfulgot the knife we've got the Dual spoolit's portable and waterproof on a convenient size for carrying so yeah that was the 1891 kit I'll make sure I. Sure I'll leave a link for you in this article wherever you are you're reading thisum to this kit because I think it's quite useful and that's my review on it hope you enjoyed make sure you like share subscribe comment I'd like to h. From you um I'll read and listen to what's what's going on and I shall see you in the next one.

What is Prepping or being Prepared? UK US CA

ForeignSo today we're going to talk about the brand new site and what we're gonna do what plans there are for this site and uh hijack this dotnet hyphenbetween the hijack and this and you know originally I I know what to do with this. Style of name but I found for the website but I liked the name for some reason because I just thought you know if I wanted a name that would just stand out in someone's mind um all right it's like quite memorable hijacked this is qu. A memorable so but then I had the struggle of like okay what do I do with this likeyou know what type of content do I want to put on there is it going to be about things like that and then it just you know as with things going on at.

At The Moment in The UK!

At the momentin the world you know there's uh in the UK there's uh you know energy problems and things like that so with that um I think it's the right time to start a prepping channel for preparedness because I think that is defini. A prepping site there's definitely a a lot to be prepared for at the momentbut there's a lot of reasonprepping and things like that you know there's the cost of living crisis going on there's Energy prices all sorts of things are ha. Happening right inflation and is that is having an effect onthings like your spending budget what you can eat where you can shop how much you can shop how much you can save or can't save things like that and you know these these typ.

Of situations are where you need to think about prepping and being prepared for these types of thingsandin order to do that you know when people think about look you know before this is I'm talking like a maybe the 2015 something li. Like that where prepping then was like okay yeah I that's interesting and even to me to be honest right but I remember myself looking into prepping and things like that because I just found it interesting um I didn't need to do it t. Um I didn't need to do it I thank God for that that I'm not in that situation oh I wasn't in that situation at that point um but if I end up in that situation um you know prepping is gonna definitely help out so you know it's a case.

A case of would you wait and for are you waiting for something to go wrong because you should have don't wait for it to go wrong we will be you know somewhat prepared for it that's the point of this site okay it's not likefix it aft. It happens avoid it from happening or like ease it when it does happen or if it does happen but we don't know what could happen right that's what this site is about just prepping and prepared for anything that can happen you know ke. Keep it it could be simple as keeping yourself warm now I I sometimes when I work outside rightright I've got to prepare the right types of clothing for outdoor work same you know people will go for outdoor walks outdoor you know yo.

Not Gonna Weara Waistcoat ?

Not gonna weara waistcoat to a swimming race right unless it's you know a themed one but you know you've got to have the right gear for the right time right so if you're cutting back on energy or something like that then you've got. Got to have the right type of clothing and I focused a lot on clothing for the past long while so I found quite a few things out you know certain types of materials and clothes tend to keep your body the human body a lot warmer they. Very insulating and a lot of people don't think about them but umit is still normal with them but the main thing is is that most people don't think about those types of clothes at home because they actually have them factored in or.

Embedded into their minds as outdoor so when you think just outdoorum you have to think aboutchanging that type of mindset because some things you might have just thought about wearing or some materials you might just thought about. Wearing outdoor for example fleeces it's like a fleece top or a fleece jacket sometimes you might want to wear that inside you knowso that's something to think about and that's why I launched thisChannel websiteso I mean there has t. Be like different variations of what you would prep for and those categories are food so you can prep food and crack clothing you can prep fuel you can prepare resourceful materials for example you might need a screwdriver tools for.

Example prep tools um no water liquids drinksanything you can prep around anything that you need to have that is crucial to you know your living situation prep right I'm using the word prepping quite a lot because I want to trigger. That Community to also fact check me to make sure that I'm saying things directlyI don't miss anything soit's good so let's go through food first right again very generic very um top level high level examples of types of food that y. Can get as you can see Prices range from well this one's 160 poundsfor 60 servings and it's just emergency food supply so you know most of these are going to be things like dried meat dried things that you need to add water to in mo.

Most Cases Heat But !

Most cases Heat but they can be stored for a very long time right they're prepped for that they're also dehydrated so they don't care or go off as quickly you can eat them some of them like years and years later quite a few months o. Things last so there's there's you know quite a strong case for these types of items and why you might just want to keep them because at the end of the day you know it could just be at 10 20 30 liter bucket that you just put somewhe. And that you can you know 60 servings is Gonna Last you a few weeks maybe a few months if you're just one person maybe a few weeks if you've got a family of two three four or two to three I'd say you know could be a Lifeline I don't.

Know Rightin Terms ?

Know rightin terms of food rightright um I don't think obviously there are obviously unfortunately at the moment that are suffering with food scarcity but um and there are even certain parts of the UK and certain parts anywaysmall y. You know not small I wouldn't say small because there are come some areas that do have or levels of food and security that I've I've known about and heard about and you know people are living on quite very little so I can can affect. People in different ways just want to be mindful of I'm not saying it's going to happen to anyone I'm just saying of what I've seen heard on the meaningsthat's why I know that's all I'm sayingso you could getyou know something that'. .

Convar 7 Peanut Energy Bar Prepping 475kcal

Thank you so I want to talk about theconvar7. Peanut energy barwhen you're preppingif you've got a decent amount of time to plan out...