Saturday, March 11, 2023

24hr British Army Style Ration Pack MRE ?

In this one I want to go throughthis 24 hour Russianit seems as though um I don't know how the the seller of this has got a hold of this Russian pack um but I think it's styled I don't think it's original I think it's style. To be like an army survival pack for like 24 hoursumand I mean if you're in a situation where you've got to survivethis is this is the one for you right but if you're not in that situation hopefully then you don't need to worry abou. Thiswhat I would say isthis packone of the cheaper ones I think it's really range for about 18 pounds something like thatumit is quite versatile in terms of the offering and again it's a food survival there's not really any tools in.

The Spark Or Anything !

The spark or anything like that it's purely full survival for 24 hours so we're gonna go through what it firstleave me a comments 24 hours rightmaybe you've already got some supplies or some prepping before foreignjust toyou know en. That youhave everything that you needin terms offood for that amount of timeit's really it's not really you know not a home maybe maybe you could actually have it in the bag for a long-haul you know what I would use this for again l. Leave me a comments because to my mind the only thing that I come in coming into my mind usage for this at the moment is either like a 24-hour camping trip or something like that or a you know a test testI'll probably buy you know s.

Something like thispersonally to do a test test because I don't think it's really prepping to me uh to me personally has to be you know for a few days or weeks at leastbut you know this type of pack would just be like a top up to be. Honest if I if I if I made something like this or if I bought something like this it just top up an existing Supply or something like thatit wouldn't be forhaving theextent ofI think I'm thinking long term but then to be honest and. I wouldn't buy them one at a time I do I'd go for a bunch of like 30 or something like that or 15 packs of 15 sets of [Music] so that's why I would use it for again if you're into prepping comment below tell me about using all right.

[Music]but what it includes is got one chicken tuna and rice[Music] it's got a one cooked pasta it's got one hot sauceand again look these are these obviouslythere's there's something on this stuff as well right best before this oka. So this food you know I know there's a prepping sitehijackbiz. Netthe prepping site along buttheythey don't have very long so you know first before days I don't know if they've been in storage for a long time or something um I know t. Generally tuna can last longer chickengenerally rightbut it's also got tea bags okay pack maple syrup mixed nuts hot chocolate Ginger biscuitstwo lime isotonics and two grape isotonics right and it's got obviously fork and knife car.

Care Wipes And Stuff ?

Care wipes and stuff like that out there too so basically is your food ration for the dayinteresting to cover this before I would not normally buy it myselfI would get a larger packthat a larger pack would lovemore items and would l. For a longer period of timecertainly sales advertising and it definitely will get you through a day and it looks like it's about over 2 000 calories again I don't know exact weightsbut I'm presuming obviously there's a few good meal. In there for a dayI usually these things are measured outto provide optimal calories [Music] so that being saidI think the pack itself is good I don't know I'm just thinkingabout all of these sets like I won't[Music] 20 of these for.

For example or 10 of these people want their kids I wouldn't just go for like oneso[Music]that's that I would suggest you do your own due diligence I'll just look you through this and looking through some prepping stuff and I found. And I was like okay I just want to look at what this is because it's supposed to mimic the military stylemealthat's exactly it's only for 25. So that's the thing that I'm not really liking let me know what you think make sure you li. Like share subscribe comment down below let me know your thoughts I'll see.

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