Saturday, March 11, 2023

Emergency Food Supply Readywise Grab Bag

So this is today about the emergency food supply ready wise grab bag right tongue twister if you say it's your crust but you know that's just the case now this is a food grab bag and the reason they call it grab bag is because it is to me. Grab the bagged and has an assortment of rations within itas well as having different types of meals as well it's not just one type of meal that I saw in here you know a heart three pouches of brown sugar maple syrup Multi Grain it's g. Quite a lot of things you know quite a number of things you know  Palsmulti-grain cereal 12 servings two pouches of crunchy granola and that's basically eight servings of two pouches of cheesy macaroni it's got eight total servings inside.

In Those Two Pouches !

In those two pouches and after that there's also two pouches of creamy pasta and vegetables eight total servings two patches of gluten-free potatoes chicken and fluid hot pie a total servings two pouches of savory driving off eight total. Servings right so that was a bit of a mouthful of food to be honest and it looks like I'm not sure how long this is supposed to last year but the main thing I was looking at seeing is eight pounds big right and she makes it four or five Kilos now four or five kilos yeah quite a decent amount of food you know it's Gonna Last you a while but the main feature that this bag has obviously most of the contents are dry dried Goods right dollars the wings the macaroni cheeses.

Things like that add water to them but the main thing inside this bag was for 25 year shelf life you could buy this for 150 pounds 150 dollars and you could store it 25 years that's the kind of storage I was looking for that's interest. [Music] that's what you call proper prepping you know proper prepping is where you could store itso I would say it's a reasonable price it looks like it's gonna last about a few days maybe a week if you're rushing a lot certainly seems. Like it's a week's worth of supplies uh two or three meals a dayum so I think it sounds like it's a week's worth soin that sense [Music] I think it's quite reasonably pricedwell for how I think you know look right you're looking at.

At the food and you know I'm tempted to think about it as like a restaurant or a takeaway menu but it's not a restaurant equipment you were talking about you know it's not even a home-cooked meal we're talking about here we're talki. About prep and food this is like if you're in a serious situationand you're prepared for that you're prepared for that already right so I'm not saying any situations I'm just saying your professional already you've got this you know. You can go to it even a few years down the line even 10 years down the line what looks at the shelf life 25 years later um yeah you've got it thereso that's what this is about having it there sureyou're prepped up for everything for.

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