Saturday, March 11, 2023

2500kcal biscuits 5 year shelf life?

A simpler thing to think about when it comes to prepping single food item that you know it's easier to digest because I'm always reading through a lot of details I find when I'm going through like the packs the propane parksjust. Seemed to end up taking more time in terms of  I feel like I'm compressing a lot of detail into a very small amount of time so I would possibly want to takea different route I think  going through obviou. In the three day and 50 days and all that it's great but I want to like start discussing the individual items wellthese items think what there is potential inhavinga more detailed look and what they possibly areand I thinkthethere w.

Will Be Champsdifferent !

Will be Champsdifferent items through different coming articles videos four hijacklist. Net now i would say thatbiscuits were used in times of hunger farming more recently I'm saying biscuitsto store calories basically you know. Like I remember learning about the 100 calorie biscuitsalthough it used during testing timesandthat's why I wanted to discuss when I'm going to start going through an individual prepping items biscuits you gotta let's get good with. Teagood anywhere right so when someone tells me over there that they are fillingtwo and a half thousand calories into 500 grams of biscuits I am definitely going to pay attention right because that is a very decent proportion litera.

Very very dense calorie dense and I think that's important because the ground weight of the item is very lowthe calorie density of the item500 grams two and a half thousand caloriesI don't know many I don't think there's any other b. Other biscuits where you can get myself the good thing about it isis that they're not that expensive to buy again look this is not your over this is like an emergency biscuit okay the seven oceans emergency prepping biscuits right t. What they're about ahand I think that's important becauseyou have to know exactly what you're getting in terms ofavailabilitythey've got a five-year shelf life now with a five-year shelf life that means thatyou know you've got enoug.

Enough time to potentiallysee outhow many calories there are so you know and you can store them and they're biscuits and you know they airtight sealed so they're not going to Decay fast five-year shelf life pack a lot of calories co. In at like seven six seven pounds seven eight dollars six seven dollars they're excellent right and for those of you who are interested they're also halalso I hope you enjoyed that video make sure you like share subscribe I'll show. I shall see you.

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