Saturday, March 11, 2023

Beef & Potatoes Fyp Freeze Dried Food Tin 5 year Shelf Life?

So in this one I want to talk to you about five year freeze dried beef and potato stew so in this stew that is basically tell right right now I've started to discuss individual items for prepping because I went through a few few packs the videos. Have to be like longer I think I just think those videos are a bit over for those articles are a bit overloaded with information overload right so I'm trying to look at or look for like things that pack a lot of calories they're g. Gonna have the right type of color and density okay otherwise the information gets a bit confusing you know there's too much there's there's too much of the same unless I find something you you know different recipes or start trying re.

Recipes Out On Stuff !

Recipes out on stuff lots of different things but until then so what I'm gonna do you start going through items with the food items anyway so what I would say[Applause] is they would have to be high calorie decent price easy to prepare a. You know what I've actually seen so he no no like fire required prepping items I saw them from years ago I don't know if they still have that around in the perfect quiet sashes that you can just use the food which which is cool right. So essentially you don't need to start a fire okay so beef and potato stew right what's the importance of that in my view and I know that this contains six servings right right approximately about 530 calories per serving you eatth.

Eat the whole thing you've got your 2700 ish calories don't right so essentially they're supposed to be meals but if you eat all of them like I probably would what's the importance about beef and potatoes well they are first of all he. Beef I mean I've got to check on the potatoes but beef it's definitely calorie dense when you look at the different types of meats generally I'm talking about different types of meats that are readily available in the UK potential. The UK potentially the US and you know some parts of the West um and other parts of the world as well because it's not available protein with the meat and I think this is also has a reasonable shelf life all right we got wat.

To it again it's freeze dried so calories are really tightly packed you're not going to get much in terms of you're gonna need to add water to it right hydrate the food yeah that's all you have to do you have to hydrate the food the be. Best way to do it but I'd suggest taking the food out making sure you've got enough time I think this needs to be more timed to be honest that's what stews are about right and it comes in a tin it takes about it's got an anti-seal bu. Again it's got my favorite yearly time frame 25 years this can be freeze right up to okay freeze dried for 20. 55 years right lasts a long time are they asked to be noted because you drive for 25 years that does take its uh you know it.

Means It's A Good ?

Means it's a good balance male choice that you can store away with the other 25-year stuff right and whatever you need it during that 25 years this is what it's about sometimes my mind tends to go towards okay and what if I need to ea. This next week or I want to eat this next week you know things like that I don't want to be thinking like that I don't I don't I would be thinking okay what if I need to eat this Within the next5 10 15 2020 that's what I want to be. Thinking but that's what I mean so with this product B for potato stew I think it's an excellent product is he's got that you know like that because I I had visual potential got that formally cooked feel to it you know you feel.

Like full with a hit on time for for the meat eaters out there right you feel full eating beef in terms of prepping I think what I think right because I've seen a lot of chicken I've seen a lot of tuna where's the beef here's the bee. Right beef or potatoes a lot your beef or potatoes together all in order right right and now you uh thinking about what else can be added to you know what different choices there are to add different tests to your prepping supp. Okay so this will definitely add a different taste 10 and it's 25 years if you enjoyed this video like share subscribe comment see you in the next one.

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