Saturday, March 11, 2023

72 Hour Prepped Go bag prepping?

So in this one I wanted to cover uh something that is more noise or Outdoors for a few days off power out for a few days you know like um style of prepping and it is the 72 hour bug out Preppers go back right but this bag meant to be. A short term prep okay it's not meant to be a long-term prep it's meant to be just a short-term prep so when it comes to prepping you know it's all about how long the prepping is for what's going on with the prepping what it means. And how long you will have to essentially see that fall so this is for three days 72 hours right so it's meant to get you one person a one-person program potentially two just appears the viable comfortably one person through a survive.

Situational Right and !

Situational  right and it's filled with many different things they help you survive through many of those are it's got it's a tough military pack I've got a small first aid kit it's got mini towel a water filter two sets of seven oceans. Biscuit rations two sets of sodium ocean water rations Oasis water RCB orange heavy grain survival pack filled with quite a few things right including food and water essential stuff that you need to survive so where would you need it w. Well you could have it [Music] it's designed obviously for outdoors and camping tracking things like that but you could you could be that would have to depend on any situation as well as what is he it is for you to obtain and things like this.

That so that's something you'd have to get yourself but it also comes with the survival kit for essential climate doing one light stick in terms of survival as well  there's also foreign fabric tape which is obviously fabric tape is made or. Or is very useful if you've got a got a stitch up a tone piece of fabric Outdoors that can happen slowly also got the LED head torch and through those RCB store set and fuel and wind-up radio Okay so I'm gonna talk about the last thre. A bit because the stove and I'm also going to discuss how this thing can be used at home as well as out it's for outing you home too because I'm also gonna discuss how I mean okay so let's say here are those you know okay you're go.

Gonna need something to cook on so you can have hot food and things like that [Music] but what about if you're at home you ask any store could actually help you at home alone if you've got like a garden or a hot dog I would recommen. Cooking inside unless you've got a big space or you've got maybe somewhere you know you could get a lot of fresh air outbecause mainly these things are designed for outdoors so I'm not going to recommend alternative usage for them y. You have to do it you have to do itI want to recommend itso obviously it's quite a crucial thing right to have waffle because it helps you to warm up [Music] umstay onon track with with things like thatthe other thing isthe LED head.

Torch Now If You'Ve ?

Torch now if you've got a torch on your headuseful because you could be looking for something you could be doing something else with your hands and you know that's what the torch be pretty helpful forbecause then we could remain foc. On the testingwill not have to worry aboutum havingto hold the torch in your hand I love doing something else you know I need to you knowthat's the torch lastly was windup radio not trying to wind you up here but you don't know powe. Power you want to keep your own self entertained for a bit maybe you want to stay up to date with the with the weather with the news right maybe you know got a good phone signal yeah and you can hear the weatheron the radio that wou.

Be excellentbecause if you don't haveyou know working reception thenthe wind of radio that requires no power other than a manual effortit was excellent actuallyso it's an actual excellent um added thing especially to focus on the we. Weather patterns and updates maybe you're driving out or you're hiking somewhere and you need to learn well you know you need to know what's going on within using the local area something like that you can catch a local radio statio. And all things like that or you know communicate with someone if you have to if you gotta wind up radio communicator you can use it for thatso yeah overall the price on this is the 72 hour back 162 poundsfor the 72-hour prepping surplus.

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