Saturday, March 11, 2023

18 in 1 toolkit Prepping Preparedness Outdoors and Home?

So today I want to go through um actual special toolkit that was made foroutdoor survival mostly now with outdoor survivalyou've got to think about the different types of tools that you would need whenwe are in a camping style situation. But also this kit was interesting because it might be good to have it just around at home it's got quite a few Tools in there it's quite versatile it's an 18 in one kit it's got like a mini wood chopping ax and it's got aleaves or f. Fruits or food [Music] um and it's got a spoon and fork two in one as well as a bottle opener cable a parachute cable as well it's got a multi-purpose type of Allen key to open different things um all in all the kit is is very versa.

Right It'S Got Quite !

Right it's got quite a lot um going on with this 18 piece set now what you might want to use it for at home and why I'm not talking about Outdoors here is primarily because hijack this is not any outdoor camping website it's mostly. A prepping I'm sorry so I want to talk about things that are related to from prepping so when we come to deal with things of prepping natureI have to discovermany different types of you might be that hole that I may not realize or e. Even cover right right that you use in your daily and that I might not think of rightsowhat you would have to do in is assess to go through and assess what it is that you need for your situation what would be most crucial for youbut.

In terms of what this has got a torch inside it a flashlight goes in the dark need flashlights rightI need umall right if you need things like flashlights and things like that able to see you don't even want some what's going onwhat. Happeningyou know you might need to be in a you might think oh that's I don't know I don't wanna you know being around Knox to be honest with you I think the same don't worry we are on relax butthere might be a situation where you n. Need to chop some woodso yeah I've not done too much wood chopping in my time I have done something but you know you might need to chop some wood and if there's no power you can't charge your batteries then [Music] you have to do it.

Manually I'm not saying anything's going to happen I'm just saying you know situations different parts there's loads of different scenarios loads of different people around the world anyone copyrightumthe hope is normal butI said I. Thought I'd be thinking aboutthat's that also you know there's things you know inside this kit that can help you with your daily life for example knife you can use it as a kitchen knife chop your chop here some food good good items. You know poultry with it do however you think let me use the daily stuff as wellthere's also like a bottle opener in there in case you need to open some bottles or you need tobe cat 's got it all in thereand I would say time to have.

A Kit Like This Aboutand ?

A kit like this aboutand not have to worry aboutnot having these things about nowsome of these things you might look at them and to be honest with you think like I was just thinking now I'm not gonna need that but I'm not going to n. That you might think that now but you know you know kids had a lot of research put into it into what is essential right essential items that you would need in more situations that's what the Kit's about okay so some of them yeah gra. You might not need them let's have a rundownof what's actually in there rightso what's actually in thereisa lensstorage [Music]fill it real so you can you know obviously fill up things a blow tubeaflashlightit's also a foldable knif.

Knife a fork a spoon as a multi-function axit's a hammer and an ax actually and it seems to have some kind of pull action that can be quite assisting which is good there's a wristbandcolor carabiners or whistle adhesive bandage fbt. Bandage fishing bag emergency blanket very important there's a parachute code I was talking about there's a wrench in there very useful and it's very like conveniently shaped as well to be honestthere's a wire saw again a wire saw v. Useful and very light as well it's quite good I guess you want to cut something that's likecut with a wire saw and a bottle shackle see what else there isa fishing bagthe Flint rod is useful for starting firesso if you're in a situa.

Where you've got to start a firethat's what the Flint Rod is good for I'll be helpfulgot the knife we've got the Dual spoolit's portable and waterproof on a convenient size for carrying so yeah that was the 1891 kit I'll make sure I. Sure I'll leave a link for you in this article wherever you are you're reading thisum to this kit because I think it's quite useful and that's my review on it hope you enjoyed make sure you like share subscribe comment I'd like to h. From you um I'll read and listen to what's what's going on and I shall see you in the next one.

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