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What is Prepping or being Prepared? UK US CA

ForeignSo today we're going to talk about the brand new site and what we're gonna do what plans there are for this site and uh hijack this dotnet hyphenbetween the hijack and this and you know originally I I know what to do with this. Style of name but I found for the website but I liked the name for some reason because I just thought you know if I wanted a name that would just stand out in someone's mind um all right it's like quite memorable hijacked this is qu. A memorable so but then I had the struggle of like okay what do I do with this likeyou know what type of content do I want to put on there is it going to be about things like that and then it just you know as with things going on at.

At The Moment in The UK!

At the momentin the world you know there's uh in the UK there's uh you know energy problems and things like that so with that um I think it's the right time to start a prepping channel for preparedness because I think that is defini. A prepping site there's definitely a a lot to be prepared for at the momentbut there's a lot of reasonprepping and things like that you know there's the cost of living crisis going on there's Energy prices all sorts of things are ha. Happening right inflation and is that is having an effect onthings like your spending budget what you can eat where you can shop how much you can shop how much you can save or can't save things like that and you know these these typ.

Of situations are where you need to think about prepping and being prepared for these types of thingsandin order to do that you know when people think about look you know before this is I'm talking like a maybe the 2015 something li. Like that where prepping then was like okay yeah I that's interesting and even to me to be honest right but I remember myself looking into prepping and things like that because I just found it interesting um I didn't need to do it t. Um I didn't need to do it I thank God for that that I'm not in that situation oh I wasn't in that situation at that point um but if I end up in that situation um you know prepping is gonna definitely help out so you know it's a case.

A case of would you wait and for are you waiting for something to go wrong because you should have don't wait for it to go wrong we will be you know somewhat prepared for it that's the point of this site okay it's not likefix it aft. It happens avoid it from happening or like ease it when it does happen or if it does happen but we don't know what could happen right that's what this site is about just prepping and prepared for anything that can happen you know ke. Keep it it could be simple as keeping yourself warm now I I sometimes when I work outside rightright I've got to prepare the right types of clothing for outdoor work same you know people will go for outdoor walks outdoor you know yo.

Not Gonna Weara Waistcoat ?

Not gonna weara waistcoat to a swimming race right unless it's you know a themed one but you know you've got to have the right gear for the right time right so if you're cutting back on energy or something like that then you've got. Got to have the right type of clothing and I focused a lot on clothing for the past long while so I found quite a few things out you know certain types of materials and clothes tend to keep your body the human body a lot warmer they. Very insulating and a lot of people don't think about them but umit is still normal with them but the main thing is is that most people don't think about those types of clothes at home because they actually have them factored in or.

Embedded into their minds as outdoor so when you think just outdoorum you have to think aboutchanging that type of mindset because some things you might have just thought about wearing or some materials you might just thought about. Wearing outdoor for example fleeces it's like a fleece top or a fleece jacket sometimes you might want to wear that inside you knowso that's something to think about and that's why I launched thisChannel websiteso I mean there has t. Be like different variations of what you would prep for and those categories are food so you can prep food and crack clothing you can prep fuel you can prepare resourceful materials for example you might need a screwdriver tools for.

Example prep tools um no water liquids drinksanything you can prep around anything that you need to have that is crucial to you know your living situation prep right I'm using the word prepping quite a lot because I want to trigger. That Community to also fact check me to make sure that I'm saying things directlyI don't miss anything soit's good so let's go through food first right again very generic very um top level high level examples of types of food that y. Can get as you can see Prices range from well this one's 160 poundsfor 60 servings and it's just emergency food supply so you know most of these are going to be things like dried meat dried things that you need to add water to in mo.

Most Cases Heat But !

Most cases Heat but they can be stored for a very long time right they're prepped for that they're also dehydrated so they don't care or go off as quickly you can eat them some of them like years and years later quite a few months o. Things last so there's there's you know quite a strong case for these types of items and why you might just want to keep them because at the end of the day you know it could just be at 10 20 30 liter bucket that you just put somewhe. And that you can you know 60 servings is Gonna Last you a few weeks maybe a few months if you're just one person maybe a few weeks if you've got a family of two three four or two to three I'd say you know could be a Lifeline I don't.

Know Rightin Terms ?

Know rightin terms of food rightright um I don't think obviously there are obviously unfortunately at the moment that are suffering with food scarcity but um and there are even certain parts of the UK and certain parts anywaysmall y. You know not small I wouldn't say small because there are come some areas that do have or levels of food and security that I've I've known about and heard about and you know people are living on quite very little so I can can affect. People in different ways just want to be mindful of I'm not saying it's going to happen to anyone I'm just saying of what I've seen heard on the meaningsthat's why I know that's all I'm sayingso you could getyou know something that'. .

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